by Glance of Medusa

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We present our debut EP "Identity"
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Made in Hell Studio by David Prudent


released December 4, 2015



all rights reserved


Glance of Medusa Athens, Greece

We are Glance of Medusa, a melodic metalcore band from Athens, Greece.

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Track Name: Identity
I found myself, looking in the mirror that your eyes created
all I see now are the broken pieces falling down
I just wanna feel numb, I don't wanna feel anything anymore
the time is pushing me down but I'm not afraid to take the chance

I found the truth inside your eyes a broken mirror lying within
finally finding who I am this is not where I meant to be
I feel my head going crazy now so many voices screaming loud
my body is falling, hitting the ground I need you here to pull me out

And you're the one that would save me from me
You were supposed to save me from myself

Illusions overhelming the mirror the identity is gone
I feel I'm drowning in the depths once more I let my self lost
No more, I care to live when I'm just born to die
step by step closer to the edge until these thoughts come to life

You promised that you'll be there for me
I know, I know
behind your silence lying the promises you broke

Days come and go the same old shit I can't remember how life used to be
paralyzed in the lies one more victim of time but the memories keep me alive
the faster the clock is ticking more torterously pass the days
the true purpose of existence lost in deceptions till it fades

The truth lying behind the lies, everything seems to be fine
Searching and searching
I know my fate will never change

But I found
I found the truth inside your eyes
this is my final stand I've made up my mind
I know who I am, I know who I am
and everything I passed through stares behind
A final stand before I go
the time has come for me I've got to move on
don't forget, don't forget
keep these memories within you while you walk away
Track Name: The War Inside Me
As the war inside of me is done a burning still remains in my chest
I'm not afraid of the deepest scars
I know every one of them is the start of something else
I saw the years passing through the search of my own special place
I found the sense of my direction, I see the right through great mistakes

And I'm tired of these sleepless nights thinking about my dreams
I'm tired of this perceft world and how am I supposed to behave and be in it
I know my dreams are far away in the sky but I'll chase them one by one
it's so damn high but I'm trying to climb
I'll find the way to liberation

Nothing can hold me back
I won't let the fragments of the past surround me
nothing can bring me down
now my eyes are open I can see that nothing is what it seems

Now my eyes are open and nothing is what it seems
always finding hope through the darkess and misery
mistakes are mend to be the spark of starting over again
living a life without regrets, fearless and unbrakeable

Through the fire and the flames
the broken statues will reach the sky again
let the ashes and the shivers
to be the foundtation of a stong fortress

We spend our lifes just killing time until the day we die
without figuring out what's in our hands
I came in like a broken man but in the end I will be the last one standing
my beliefs will never die, I will stand tall till the end
Track Name: Serenity's Lullaby
We sacrifice our souls on the altar of insanity and perversion
our children dying, we set the massacre off
so let the lullaby play
Serenity is gone forever
Track Name: Spirit of Mercy
I'll be in front of the gates
with the black dressed woman in my hands the one who took away my friends
filled my lungs with hopes to reach the clouds
I tried to fly high into the sky I tried to save my soul alone
will I ever find my way back home?
Now I'm having her in my hands I know this is the end of her
no pity no regrets this is the end

The gates will open for me I'll return back home
I know that I'm not alone
Will you set me free?

Oh spirit of mercy come and take my hand
and lead me out of this mess I can't stand it
is this the pain of salvation?
fill my whole body with your strength
give me your strength, my hopes, my dreams, my will back
I'm breaking out of this hell I'll spread my wings and fly away

Now I'm having her in my hands I know this is the end of her
no pity no regrets this is the end

When the gates will open for me they will take my body away from here
I'll return back home I know that I'm not alone

Now I'm having her in my hands
now I'm ready
open the gates for me
Track Name: The Voice That Keeps You Alive
Just when you think you are alone a voice come and sticks in your head
wishpering you that you'll stay alive just when you thought this is the end
I promise you that everthing will be alright just listen to my words
you're not worthless don't be hopeless anymore

Maybe you cant sleep at night you're running out of breath again
it's the lonliness you feel and the help that's missing to fullfil your dreams
this is just the hollow picture of their perfection they want to hold you down
you're not in the middle with nothing you're not in the middle with nothing

Nothing can make you feel alive you are all alone inside your head
the hollow picture is about to explode you have to belive in your self
I promise you that everything will be alright just listen to my words
just let this go and forward move on

Again and again this disease inside your head
that you'll always be on your knees

I'm just trying to tell you that this is your life
they can't take this away from you
don't leave noone bring you down
take a grip of your life and move on now

And when your pain will come to an end don't ever look back
just walk away now, walk away